Flower in low-key lighting
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Flower in low-key lighting
2008-09-24 19:17:43

Although I found my passion of doing black&white photography lately I would like to show you this color image of a flower which I took in May this year. The flower was on our terrace and just one light ray shined on it while the background nearly remained black. I enhanced the effect little bit afterwords.

Obwohl ich erst kuerzlich meine Leidenschaft fuer die Schwarz-Weiss-Fotografie entdeckte, moechte ich Euch dieses Farbbild einer Blume zeigen, das ich im Mai dieses Jahres machte. Die Blume war auf unserer Terrasse und wurde von einem kleinen Lichtstrahl beleuchtet, waehrend der Hintergrund beinahe schwarz blieb. Diesen Effekt verstaerkte ich nachtraeglich noch etwas.

Greetings from Spain. I've never seen so much rain coming down from the sky! I almost drown here in Spain - and not in the pool or the sea :-( But I enjoy it anyway. At last I have time to process pictures and post some on my blog :-)

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